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    EID MUBARAK TO YOU ALL! This is a time of great spiritual awakenings and opportunities. During this time, we celebrate Eid with the spirit of knowing that the year is concluding, and we have done our best in worshiping Allah.… Read More »EID AL-ADHA MESSAGE

    EID AL-ADHA 1443 -2022

      All praise is due to Allah the Almighty and peace and blessings upon our prophet Mohammed the final messenger of Allah. The Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamad announces that: Friday, 8th of July 2022 will be the… Read More »EID AL-ADHA 1443 -2022

      Jummah Time Update

        English Talk 01:15 PM First Azan 01:40 PM Arabic Khutbah 01:45 PM Salah (Iqama) 01:55 PM Kindly share the information with your family and friends. Jazzak Allah Khair! ISG Management

        EID GALA

          For the first time in the history of Greater Geelong, the Geelong Muslim community will host the Eid Gala in collaboration with Faiza Asif (Gala Day Event Coordinator), Geelong Council and the Islamic Society of Geelong. The purpose of the… Read More »EID GALA


            All praise is due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad. We thank Allah (SWT) for giving us the ability to fast in the Month of Ramadan, the ability to worship Him, and the ability to… Read More »EID AL-FITR MUBARAK

            Dua Khatmul Quran

              Assalamualikum Wa Rahmatullah! As we prepare for the blessed month of Ramadan, we are also planning for “Dua Khatamul Quran.” We invite you, your family and friends to join us for this blessed evening. What: Dua Khatamul Quran When: Wednesday,… Read More »Dua Khatmul Quran

              RAMADAN PLANNER

                All praise to Allah the Almighty and Salawat on Prophet (PBUH) Ramadan Planner 2022 Mosque Ramadan Calendar is now available. To download the calendar, please visit our website Taraweeh Salah will commence after the Isha Salaah. Imam: Shaykh Qazi… Read More »RAMADAN PLANNER