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Every soul will taste death. Then to Us will you be returned.” [Surah Al – Ankabut 29:57]

ISG Funeral Services

Alhamdulillah, ISG provides limited scope funeral services to the Geelong Muslim community.

  • Ghusal and shroud.
  • Body storage room.
  • Jenazah prayer

Please click the ISG Funeral Arrangement Policy.

For the Funeral transfer service, please contact Jonathan Hepner Funeral.

For the Islamic Burial please click here, for the latest information, please contact Geelong Cemeteries Trust.

To contact the ISG management committee:

Brother Ahmed Elzahbhi (President): 0413219161

Brother Saad Muhammad Qazi (Imam of Geelong Mosque): 0433537584

Brother Yasir Ismat (Secretary): 0431015852

Brother Yusuf Adewale (Facility Manager): 0469356345


*** We currently do not have the facility to handle the deceased affected by COVID.19.

Please observe all the COVID.19 restrictions regarding funerals and gatherings.

For the latest information on the government restrictions, please click here