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    Allah (swt) says, “And whoever saved one life; it as though he has saved all of mankind.” [Surah Al-Ma’idah]. THE MASAJIDS CONTAIN OUR HEARTS; LET’S KEEP THEM BREATHING CPR & DEFIBRILLATOR TRAINING AT THE GEELONG MOSQUE FACTS: • Cardiac Arrest… Read More »CPR TRAINING

    Feast on Diversity

      Please come and join Feast on Diversity, free meals, henna, hijab demonstration and Islamic information stall.

      Jummah Time Update @ Geelong Mosque

        English Talk 01:15 PM First Azan 01:40 PM Arabic Khutbah 01:45 PM Salah (Iqama) 01:55 PM Kindly share the information with your family and friends. Jazzak Allah Khair! ISG Management


          The Pakistani government has declared a state of national emergency after the monsoon rains in the province of Balochistan killed nearly 1,000 people, including 343 children. Almost 30 million people in the region are currently without shelter. According to the… Read More »PAKISTAN FLOODS APPEAL


            EID MUBARAK TO YOU ALL! This is a time of great spiritual awakenings and opportunities. During this time, we celebrate Eid with the spirit of knowing that the year is concluding, and we have done our best in worshiping Allah.… Read More »EID AL-ADHA MESSAGE