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Salah at Geelong Mosque

    Assalmualikum Brothers and Sisters,

    The Geelong Mosque is open for the five (5) Daily Salaah and Jummah Salaah (attendance by booking only). We are living in COVID.19 environment, the Government has taken steps to ensure, individuals and organisations, behave in a COVID.19 safe manner, as per recommendations from the Health officials. In the interest of community safety and in compliance with the Government restrictions, your attendance at the Geelong Mosque requires adherence to the following rules;

    Only those with proof of double vaccination will be able to attend the Geelong Mosque.

    • Must wear facemasks,
    • Must show proof of fully vaccinated,
    • Must complete QR Code scan at the entrance,
    • Visitors from the Melbourne, must not enter the Geelong Mosque (you will be asked to give proof of residence)
    • Maintain 4 SQM social distance,
    • Must bring own prayer mat,
    • Must arrive 5 minutes early,
    • Treat COVID.19 Marshalls with respect.

    Our online programs remain open to the public.

    Please see below details of online programs;

    We are open to community consultation via Zoom. We urge everyone to get vaccinated and follow the Government Health Guidelines.

    Thank you and May Allah rewards you for your, patience, understanding and cooperation. May Allah (swt) keep you, your family and friends safe and healthy.


    Ahmed Elzahbhi (President of Islamic Society of Geelong Inc.)