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Jummah Prayer Announcement

    We are pleased to announce, Alhamdulillah, the Geelong Mosque is now open for the five (5) times daily prayers and Jummah prayer. However, there are certain conditions attached to attendance;

    • Face mask must be worn indoors.
    • Must use QR Code scan upon arrival.
    • For the hygiene reasons, please bring prayer mat and wear socks on the carpeted areas of the Masjid.

    Plan your journey to and from the Mosque.

    Jummah Times:
    Jummah Frist Session – Start Time: 01:30 pm Finish: 02:00 pm

    Jummah Second Session – Start Time: -2:15 pm Finish: 02:45 pm

    Location: 45-47 Bostock Avenue, Manifold Heights
    Please visit our website for the latest updates
    Jazzak Allah Khairan, for your patience and understanding.
    May Allah (swt) keep everyone safe.
    ISG Management